About the Artist

Stefanie Angelina Allison is a current graduate from Milan Art Institute: Mastery of Oil Painting and Drawing Program. She started her education at the Yakima College taking courses in live model drawings and plein-air then expanding her interest in art at the Seattle Art Institute for graphic design and illustration then continued her love of art at the Bellevue College.

S. Angelina Allison had humble beginnings in a small town where her achievements were very impressive. Receiving many scholarships to art schools and having the honor of being her graduating class's valedictorian. She then laid down her roots in Seattle Washington. 

S. Angelina evokes freedom and vitality every time she lays paint on the canvas. She desires her art accumulators to dive into her mind's eye and perceive her creative power. When asked to describe her artistic voice Angelina Allison stated "My style/voice shown through my mixed media oil paintings is prolific abstract realism meets street art graffiti". 

S. Angelina Allison studio is beyond amazing with many works in progress her series illuminate with vibrancy and depth. By having an open year round studio she is able to create nonstop day or night. In my opinion her future is extremely bright, professional, and positive. I expect that Angelina Allison will be an artist that is collected worldwide, she is definitely transcending into greatness.